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We are truly passionate about professional development and ensuring our offices and their brokers have all the training they need to get to the next level in their business. We have multiple layers of education for new brokers as well as top producers.


  • JLS Institute – brokers have access to online education, which is available 24 hours a day, seven 7 days a week. Brokers can choose from over 200 courses that they can take as needed.
  • Office trainings – technology tips, lead generation, market conditions, and much more is covered at the trainings that are provided in each one of our offices.
  • Legal lunches – there is a monthly interactive webinar hosted by our very own in-house attorney covering current, hot legal topics and answering questions from the field.
  • Special training events – throughout the year, John L. Scott hosts events to encourage networking and learning, and to provide inspiration. Topics and speakers are relevant, interesting, and address current events and industry projections.
  • Career Activator – this is the foundation of doing business at John L Scott. The weekly series help new and experienced brokers organize their business and prepare them for a successful career. Career Activator Courses are also offered in business planning and prospecting, working with buyers, working with sellers, negotiating, handling objections, and JLS systems and tools. John L. Scott offers tools so that each broker will continue to learn and be inspired.
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