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John L. Scott was founded in 1931 in the heart of downtown Seattle. From the beginning, we have been committed to raising the bar on ethics and standards in real estate. While we are one of the oldest companies in the Nation, we’ve maintained our position as an industry leader by embracing innovations in technology, anticipating industry trends, and keeping a pioneering start-up mentality.

With a legacy of great business and an eye towards the future, John L. Scott wants to help you achieve your dreams- one client at a time.

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As a company, we believe in living life as a contribution. In 1997, the John L. Scott Foundation was established as part of our commitment to the community. Funded by contributions from associates and employees, the John L. Scott Foundation is dedicated to helping ensure that children in our communities receive quality medical care.  

Through helping sponsor events, the John L. Scott Foundation has helped to raise millions of dollars each year for over 15 children’s healthcare facilities that are located within our company footprint.

In addition to our fundraising efforts, John L. Scott Real Estate pays for all administrative costs for the John L. Scott Foundation, ensuring that 100% of donations are used to provide care for children and their families.

Together, we are working to make tough times a little easier for families in need.

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